increasing future

Increasing today’s possibilities in a future full of possibilities. This is the founding principle of Genera’s vision that, in a short time, has become a leading reality in the fields of energy, engineering and development.

Becoming the first Green Investment Utility being able to promote infrastructure investments in energy efficiency and production by actively collaborating with corporates and families aiming towards a true energy independence.

Smart Urban Planning and Smart Grid are the key elements to urban and energy planning. Genera directly promotes Project Financing or PPP aimed at creating platforms that connect people through the major energy distribution networks, data networks and TLC.

10YF – ten years forward. Internet of Things, Content, Sustainable Mobility, and Storage Systems will allow all users to manage their primary energy sources, whether they are companies or private consumers. Genera is constantly investing inResearch & Develpment and in training programs which are the vital tools for achieving long-term goals.