Integrated solutions for energy efficiency, energy production from renewable sources, with corporates at the heart of our development program. This is the philosophy that drives us.

All our best for our clients.

energy efficiency

Less means more.

Corporates as prime focus through investments aimed to ensure energy efficiency processes, sustainability, monitoring and building automation.

All of this is made possible through the Energy Performance Contract (EPC), which provides access to a unique platform in order to achieve the best energy performance, the integrated management of O&M and the related analytical reporting.

energy production

Earth power.

Sun, earth, water, wind are our unlimited resources used for wind, geothermal, hydroelectric and photovoltaic systems either through an Engineering, Procurement & Construction approach, or direct investments that can deliver stand-alone energy solutions.


green utility

CO2 free.

Sustainable Energy Market in collaboration with WWF and Officinae Verdi in synergy with Unicredit Group. A unique offer in Europe that provides energy derived only by renewable sources. This is Consortium Green Energy.

Case Studies


The energy redevelopment process was carried out at the headquarters of the SIAE in Rome, Viale della Letteratura, and involved the entire replacement of infrastructural technological plants including lighting and MEP, as well as the upgrade of the data center.



52 maxistores throughout the country, energy efficiency and monitoring systems that aimed to redefine the consumer policy of the famous DIY French brand .

The intervention was carried out in less than 3 months by 5 dedicated teams who were encharged of macroarees to ensure the contemporaneity of activities and the continuity of the selling process to the public.



Realization and sale of two photovoltaic plants for a total of 12.4 MWp (over 45.000 installed panels).


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