Reinterpret the territory through sustainable investment projects by enhancing its characteristics, qualifing its potential and increasing the value of its activities. RED is the division of Genera that plans and realizes the Group’s real estate development programs.

From development to marketing.


Projects: delivered.

Real Estate projects with focus on retail, healthcare, office, hotels and logistics sectors, with strong international experience. Genera promotes complex greenfield and brownfield operations with great particular interest in integrated mixed projects.


A better new.

RED-O® is the urban upgrading program entirely funded by Genera, which involves the acquisition of disused or structurally compromised real estate assets in order to bring them to new life by assigning innovative functions that provide spaces and tools to the community’s new social economy.



The work difference.

WORKLIFE® is a development program for companies intending to re-qualify their work spaces by making them more integrated and in line with the new quality expectations and international standards of work.

WORKLIFE® allows corporates to have Genera as a technical and financial partner for integrated space management, including new functions, for both technological and sustainable architecture investments.


Where things happen.

We believe in a new way of doing business. COPERNICO is an ecosystem made of spaces, exchange and culture by offering an innovative proposal to professionals and companies revolutionizing the way they work. The secret? Grouping, in physical places, the growth tools, business opportunities, and leisure moments, keeping on people and their needs. A mix of spaces to increase concentration, efficiency and sociality and produce comfort, thus positively influencing productivity and professional growth. COPERNICO currently manages 8 buildings, that means 25,000 sqm, 620 offices, hosting 686 companies, 2,400 users that daily use our spaces to work, organize meetings and events.


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