Genera Group Holdings® is a group with international expertise in the fields of energy efficiency and production, engineering and real estate development.

The company is strongly committed towards the diversification of its investments, especially in highly innovative and sustainable businesses, and is dedicated to promoting new projects with industrial partners and well-versed investors.

Genera is a young environment, dedicated to personal growth and the development of distinctive skills. Genera means constant training and creative entrepreneurial culture.

A structure with strong roots where new branches grow and form ideas that sprout out like leaves.

“We have learned to face the toughest challenges with simple tools. We look at partnerships beyond borders as a unique and unrepeatable opportunity for confrontation and global strategy. The increase of the investments in infrastructure for energy efficiency and production as well as real estate development went hand in hand with the growth of a highly result-oriented team. Genera is a reality where day after day everyone’s aspirations are listened and motivated.”

Filippo Ghirelli
CEO Genera Group Holdings